Online store packages

Online store design is an individual solution, but functionally we can split it into three packages according to your needs. Each package can be upgraded with additional modules and functionality.



This package includes basic functionality with an unlimited number of products and categories for banked deliveries.

549 лв.


This package includes the functionality of the main package by adding the following functionalities:
  • Quick product review
  • Favorite Products
  • Visitor counter
  • Evaluating and singing the products
  • Product Filters – (promotional, latest, highest rated, and other.)
  • Social buttons
  • Online Store Archive
  • Different delivery options.
699 лв.


This package includes the functionality of the enhanced package by adding the following functionalities:
  • Delivery module with courier system – Econt, Rapido, Speedy.
  • Debit or Credit Card Payment Module – ePay.bg
999 лв.
  All packages include the following functionality:
  • Design of online store in the middle of WordPress and WooCommerce with design and individual vision.
  • Adaptive Design – Mobile version of the online store.
  • Free domain for 12 months. Free domain registration for 12 months .com (or .eu / .biz / .info / .org / .net) type.
  • Free hosting for 12 months.
  • Ecommerce Structure – Create the pages and menus you need for the online store.
  • Filling in online store content – Uploading customer-provided content to online store information pages.
  • Products in the online store. Ability to add an unlimited number of products. Adding 30 products to the online store with photos, descriptions and prices of each product provided by the customer.
  • Create Menu – The Page Links Menu as well as the Product Categories and Subcategory menus.
  • Form for registering users in the online store.
  • Contact form. Allows an online visitor to send an email from a site visitor to your email.
  • Create an Email Address to a Domain – Create an Email Address of the Type (info@********.com).
  • Online store security supplement. – A module that protects the online store from hacking attacks.
  • Adding an SSL Certificate (Secure Socket Layer) for the online store (https: //).
  • An online store that responds to GDRR and OPZD’s requirements – European Demo for Personal Data Protection.
  • Notification emails – Even if all the actions of the user are emailed and received, you can write emails in the beginning and send them messages.
  • Customer’s Profile Page – With the ability to adjust and change your data, view your startup details and add additional accessories for access and other items.
  • Variations on Occasions – Products may have different variants, different puzzles, milliliters, colors, colors, colors, or different types of colors. As you can and do set a different, separate price for more options for your choice.
  • Unlimited image capture for one product – you can add a larger image for your product. Reduced image will be auto-automatic generated – and if you click large, the smaller will be auto-automatic (miniatures).

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